Shannon Peters

An International level Grand Prix dressage rider, and coach to US, Canadian and Australian International riders, Shannon is extremely concientious about what she feeds her horses, to achieve the best performance, always naturally and within FEI Cleansport rules.  She and her husband Steffen train and live in San Diego, California, at Arroyo Del Mar.

“I looked into Elite 3 for a mare with Gastric distress, and decided to do a trial with my own three horses: a five year old, a 10 yr old GP horse, and my retired 18 yr old GP horse who has suffered from Lyme disease related health issues for 10 years. In 60 days I saw major differences in their coats, muscle , hooves and overall health.   My horses are barefoot, and there is noticeably better wall connection and  more depth of sole.  My GP horse has always been really hot and reactive, and he has definitely  , and in a very nice way, settled down and become more focused.   My retired horse , who has foundered 4 times , has a noticeable change in his hooves, and has lost his “hay belly” that he has had for years. He is moving better and is noticeably more comfortable .  Elite 3 products have been an amazing addition to my program, and now I have all of my client horses on it as well!!!”